The True Grit: Our Sport Heroes

Posted by AMNIG on 27 August 2019 12:30:00 BNT

In the month of August one couldn’t help but to think about nationalism.  About people who have sacrifice their blood, sweat and tears in the name of our country. Don’t be surprised if many of our young Malaysians are not aware of our talented sports men and women and of what they have been through. It is not ignorance. We’re just got distracted by all the noise in the world.


Frankly, there’s a lot of great stories to tell. One that I could not take my mind off is the story of Tan Aik Huang. The story circa 1965 when BAM have no money and could not fund him. He went to the All England Championship with no supplies but four Fred Perry sports shirts with Malaysian crest on it. The following year Tan, Ng Boon Bee, Tan Yee Khan, Billie Ng and Yew Cheng Hoe were so short of fund that all five of them have to cramp in a room that was just a little bigger than double room!


(Image of Tan Aik Huang)

All. Five. Of them.

Pretty sure when they think about it again now they must be laughing their brains out. Sure enough 53 years ago it is not that funny though.👍


(How Malaysian keep track of our sport player's progress in 60s)

Imagine that happen to our athletes today. It will release all kinds of wrath, nation-wide. We forgot how our first female Olympian had to use her same pair of black rubber shoes for seven years including for the qualifying rounds for the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, because there’s no allocation for proper shoes and clothes. Maybe we have to ask ourselves why are we no longer a nation once feared by all. You know? Something to ponder.


Thank you! Our Sport Heroes 😘

Happy Independence Day Malaysia! We are proud to be Malaysian! 

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