The Elephant In The Room: Body Issues Among Men

Posted by AMNIG on 17 September 2019 17:45:00 BNT


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This article is a little special. Matter of fact, it is something that we rarely talk or heard about. The elephant in the room, body issues among men. 


We always thought that body issues revolve around women only. Men are equal to women when comes to body conscious. Although men don’t talk about it out loud, the pressure is still the same. Some men even reluctant to go to the gym or to start exercise because they felt that they are not competent with other toned, ripped gym-goer.


One of my male colleague told me that he stop to go to the gym because of the pressure. The pressure to get ready to the gym. The pressure while working out in the gym. The insecurities makes the experience at the gym less enjoyable. Therefore, most of men with body issues will stop working out. Men’s insecurities differ because it’s more of silent problem, not really spoken about. Body issues for men can be just as damaging but it’s not noticed.


My best recommendation to overcome this insecurities would be, STOP comparing yourself with the guy from social media or anywhere for that matter. Yes, when you are overwhelmed with pictures of ripped guys with less than 5% body fat, stop looking at it. You may say this is cliché, but listen, everybody is built unique in their own way. Just remember who you are, focus on what’s good in you. Don’t let your stomach fat, chicken legs or man’s boob stopping you from having fun.


Men, understand that your manhood is not wavering because of your body image. So own who you are and realise your body doesn’t define your self-worth. Embrace it. Celebrates the diversities.

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